Like what you've been seeing? Want to grab an issue of RAGGED RIDER: TALES OF A COWBOY MUMMY? Got some space on your wall for a print? Well you've come to the right place. Check out what I've got for sale here then just e-mail me for a shipping cost. All sales go through Paypal.


Meyerhoefer & Kumpf's Ragged Rider: Tales of a Cowboy Mummy #1

(W) Andrew Meyerhoefer, (A/CA) Seth Kumpf

Our story begins with "THE DEAD MAN'S HAND", in which a mysterious bandaged gunman rides into town in search of an undead card shark, but the fiend may have found a way to evade the bounty hunter.

Also, Neighclops deals with another boring day in the back-up short "ALL TIED UP"!

Suitable for all ages.
24 Pages
Price: $3.00


                      2001: A Space                   Batman                   Murder by the Dead
                          Odyssey                     SOLD OUT

                          Nightmare                   Ragged Rider                  Space Brain
                                                       (Also available without titles)

                     Space Octopus              The Moon Man               The Rocketeer

All prints 13"x19"
Price: $15 each or two for $20

SPECIAL! All orders are now shipping with a copy of the Ragged Rider short: "BUZZKILL BUZZARDS"!

Send me an e-mail with the items you're interested in and I'll calculate your shipping fees. All sales go through Paypal.

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