Monday, October 15, 2012

Lots of starts today.

First order of business: Head over to Roninspoon Theater for "CORNER SHOT, NO MAGIC" written by Ed Hawkins, illustrated by me. The first page went up today and a new page will go up every Monday for fourteen weeks! After that, I'll be working on another story for Ed and the webcomic. It's a real fun time and we've got quite a story for you so check that out!

Another thing that (kind of) starts today is Graphite Battle Piranha. Pork Chop and MC Wolfman (man, all my art friends take on nicknames) invited me into their art blog. Remember Wolfman and Friends? It's like that only instead of sketches we're going to be focusing on finished illustrations, which is great, since I'd like to put more color in my repertoire and with all the comic work I do I rarely have the time. So here's hoping this gets some illustration work in my portfolio. Head over there and check out where some great artists are on this month's theme: Adventure Time!

I'm also going to get some daily sketches going again. The plan is to post compilations on Saturdays and if you want to keep up day by day you can find my sketches on my various sites linked at to the right, but have no fear, they'll be going up on here. Also, be sure to check out my "Sketches" page at the top and see some of my favorites, they may be switching out soon. Anyways, after all that, I'll give you today's now anyways:

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