Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween News

If you're in Canton or Canal Fulton, Ohio today stop by Toys Time Forgot and/or Bill's Books and More to grab the Ragged Rider: Short Tales of  Cowboy Mummy Halloween Special: "The Poultry-Geist" as well as some other find comic books including the first issue of Ragged Rider. I know Toys Time Forgot is giving out some comics for Halloween and Bill's Books and More are doing a big Halloween sale starring Daryll Banks (and Andrew Meyerheofer and Me). So stop by and if you catch us say "Hi" and if I have space I'll do a little doodle for you!

In other news, if you haven't checked Roninspoon Theater this week be sure to read the latest page of "Corner Shot, No Magic" from Ed Hawkins and Me. We're getting into dialogue and Nadine's true intentions are seeping through. How Exciting.

Also, as I said before I started work on another project for Ed and Roninspoon Theater and I'm having a blast doing designs and sketches for it. I can't wait to show them!

And to leave you with something since I'm not sure when I'll be able to get a daily sketch up today, if you missed yesterday's, here's Filch from Mice & Mystics, a great boardgame by Jerry Hawthorne and Plaid Hat Games in sketch form, colored form, and time lapse form.

Oh, also, since it's Halloween, be sure to get your mummy fix with Ragged Rider: Tales of a Cowboy Mummy!

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