Friday, May 4, 2012

Free Comic Book Day 2012

Tomorrow's the big day and what's a little trip to a comic store to pick up some free comics? Whether you're new to the hobby or an old fan you should definitely promote literacy by going. There's going to be some great comics there this year that will be a whopping $0.00 and most stores usually have big sales going on so you can pick up trades/hardcovers/back issues for real cheap. Some stores will even have local artists, writers, publishers, celebrities, etc., that you can meet and greet and get some stuff signed (I know I'm super pumped to meet Tony Moore at Up, Up, and Away Comics during my trip to Cincinnati. So find a store nearby (either of the links above should get you started) and partake in the festivities. Now for a little write-up of the FCBD books I'm most excited about:

But don't let my word dictate what you pick up, those are just what I'm going for first. There's always some free comics that are way better than you'd think and really, who doesn't want to read a free issue of Spider-man, Donald Duck, Star Wars, Mega Man, or DC New 52?

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