Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Black Canary

Digital. 8"x3"

I had some fun with this piece and it was a good experiment really playing with a background in this piece (as I rarely do and I know that's a problem). Since I have a pretty simple style I wanted to keep the background even simpler but still make it look lively and believable. Did I accomplish it? I'm not sure, too much more would be distracting but some of me thinks there's not enough. I liked the small size because I absolutely love drawing small figures. I feel a bit more freedom in them and since I don't put in a ton of detail when they're huge they feel really empty. 

I had a "Free-For-All" piece that had to involve either "Screaming," "Funeral," or "T-Shirt Graphic," and not wanting to do another funeral piece (since my last one was awful) and didn't want to do a cliche t-shirt graphic I chose screaming. I started out sketching Kevin Smith's Onomatopoeia from Green Arrow and Batman and Marvel's Blackbolt but realized I don't draw women enough so I'd try my hand at Black Canary, Songbird, and Banshee. Then I basically set out to work on it as if it were a panel.

Some personal criticisms:
As I said before about the background and it's level of detail. I can't make up my mind so I'm really just waiting to see what everyone else has to say about it and so far in my critique no one had any verbal problems with it. Also, the fact that the middle exclamation point bubble hits the top border a little too close.

Here's some preliminary work from this piece:

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