Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spider-Man and Mysterio

Digital. 11"x17"

This was a project that unexpectedly got ahead of me. For my Advanced Figure Drawing, usually I'm able to sit down and pump out something in three hours but when I started sketching in my Advanced Creative Writing class I got super excited to draw Mysterio (my favorite of Spider-Man's rogues). It started out as a horizontal composition of the two fighting but eventually ended up as a "cover." I always love what Mark Buckingham does with his side panels on his Fables interiors and wanted to try something like that out on this piece. Eventually they became a funnel to help "attack" Mysterio but the concept is still there. Also, I finally figured out the secret to smoke by looking through Marvel's Shanower/Young Oz books.

The project was to draw two figures interacting, showing one being dominant, with a background. It can maybe be considered that but I had too much fun doing it to care. My professor accepted it and the figures do at least appear to be interacting at least indirectly, and with Spider-Man being higher in the composition and the red shape funneling into Mysterio, he appears dominant. And I did mention that Mysterio's smoke was surrounding Spider-Man and saying there was interaction there. Maybe it didn't fulfill the project as well as it could have but I like what happened regardless.

Some personal criticisms: That red space behind Spider-Man bothers me so much. I've played with saturation and value and nothing is letting it work. I've also played with thickening the webs as well as adding more and, I don't know. I'm excited to find out what needs to happen with it. Another criticism comes from a lot of the tints and shades. They went down quick and never got an overhaul.

Here's some preliminary work for this piece (along with a found poem I had to write):

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