Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Space Octopus

Digital 11"x17" on the left. Pencil 11"x17" on the right.

I did a lot of problem solving and experimentation on these two pieces. I've always colored fairly graphically but never as graphic as that. I was influenced by what Dave Stewart was doing in Way and Bá's The Umbrella Academy. I like where it was going and I really like how that rocket ship turned out (even though it looks a tad like a sticker), but it's something I would need to play with a lot more. Also on the sequential page I used way more blacks than I ever have. It was different to say the least but I think I got some nice panels out of it, like two, three, and six (and maybe five?).

The project was to do a comic page and cover. I had doodled the original sketch for this page awhile ago during another comic page project and I love the connection between deep space and deep sea so i was excited to go about it.

Some personal criticisms: Doing a page on the fly without writing a script is kind of wonky for me. As you can see below the original idea was a confrontation between the astronaut and space octopus but later on down the line I wanted to to be an ancient, wise thing. Then, I think during every class critique I had on this project it switched from wise to evil to back again. For the colored piece I should have made the octopus bigger since at this point he's fighting with the sun being the same size and all. Plus it would be nice for it to go off the page and take up more of the top part of the illustration. Also the ring around the octopus's head in the fifth panel bugs me since it looks like a gutter.

Here's some preliminary work from this piece:

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