Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Pull List: February 22, 2012

W: Various
A: Various
Rating: 2/5

Nothing in here has been hitting me as much as I would hope for $8.00. There's a Richard Corben adapted Poe story which was cool, but (and nothing on Corben), it was Poe. I remember when I read the Mignola's Lobster Johnson story I wasn't feeling it at all, but looking back, it was probably the best of the book, but nothing special. In other issues, I was able to toss the mediocre stories aside for Concrete and Resident Alien and such, but now that the best stories are mediocre, the price tag is a lot to ask for. Hopefully with Darrow involved next issue I'll get something out of it.

W: Brian Michael Bendis
A: Chris Samnee
Rating: 4/5

After seven issues I think this is finally a comic for me. It's jumped around a lot where I liked it, then I didn't, then I did again, then it fell again, but it finally seems to be going somewhere that I'm interested in. I harshly judged it early on when I thought I would have to say that it was moving too fast but after checking the pages, I had about half the book left. It was really enjoyable and last month I complained about the $4.00 price tag but this time it actually felt deserved. There's a nice hook at the end which I'm really pumped for as well.

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