Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Pull List: January 25, 2012

W: Mike Raicht, Brian Smith
A: Charles Paul Wilson III
Rating: 4/5

I almost dropped this book two issues back when I was dropping all my $4.00 books. It's certainly not bad, but I was going to move it to trades, then dealing with the problem of buying two more trades of comics I already own. I think I'm still going to pick up Volume IV in floppies but as a recommendation, I'd definitely say trades. Charles Paul Wilson III's art is presented extremely well in a storybook format that compliments the dark Toy Story tale Raicht and Smith are telling. Using a textured gutter and even getting rid of some panel borders to have the art directly on the "page" really looks and feels great. The characters and world are fun and while some parts are definitely cliche and drawn out, other parts are nice, strong, cliffhangers.

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