Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Pull List: January 04, 2012

by Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman, Jeff Huet
Rating: 5/5

Again, Lemire and Foreman dazzle me. Definitely the best story to come out of the New 52 so far, especially with the crossover with Snyder's Swamp Thing. The two characters form an incredibly cohesive story that feels natural and not shoehorned. Foreman is still able to illustrate The Rot amazingly well although does fall flat on some proportion and composition problems. Also, Jeff Huet's colors can be hit or miss with the flat gradients and whatnot. Regardless, definitely a book that's worth being picked up.

by Paul Grist

I'm really hoping Mudman #3 perks this right back up and, going by the solicitation it very well could. I enjoyed Mudman #1, enjoyed the concept, characters, and potential but #2 seemed like a step backwards. The simultaneous story with #1 felt weird and I did not care as much about the thugs, and unless they man up and break out of jail, I doesn't seem like Grist means for them to be reoccurring characters. I want to like it but it didn't hit me all that well.

by Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette
Rating: 4/5

This struggled a tad at issue one but now that it's at five and the story is chugging a long it's really gaining speed. The ending really pumped me up for the next issue and, as with Animal Man, the crossover is really promising and getting me more excited for both series. Also, the Paquette's art can get busy and exhausting. There is very little white space for one's eye to rest but, while some of the page layouts can become too much, Paquette's artwork is overall incredibly well done.

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