Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jurassic Park: Page 100 Comic Page

Pencil/Ink on the left, Digital/Ink on the right. 11"x17"

For a "Page 100" project in my Black and White Illustration class we had to illustrate page 100 of our favorite book. I chose Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton which is the part of the story where they are touring the facilities.

I have been told, that the pencils/inks on the left are an all together better piece than the digital blacks on the right (and I would agree), though I uploaded both of them since much of the piece is lost without the text filled in the three panels below and the circle on the left. The first panel is reversed from it's original in the pencil/ink on the left from a criticism from Chris Sprouse, who mentioned that reversing the panel would help readability and flow as well as having the mind subconsciously have the group "conversing" with the person in the next panel. I tend to agree, and since I enjoy the pencil/ink version better, did not get around to changing it on the other version.

I was influenced by Mark Buckinham's page layouts in Bill Willingham's Fables series, and as a first time using those borders, I found it a lot of fun. I wasn't as squeezed for space as much as I thought i would be and the borders provide a really nice aesthetic pattern bookending the page.

Some personal criticisms: Those ellipses are...bad. I need to get myself an ellipse tool. Also, way too many lines in the room in the middle panel. It becomes busy and doesn't let the artwork breathe.

Here's some preliminary work from this piece:

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