Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cowboy Mummy Stuff

Digital 11"x17" on the left. Digital 2.5"x3.5" (x7) on the right.

I always enjoy Ragged Rider pieces and this was no exception. Looking at Drew Struzan for inspiration on collage work was super condescending. He's too sweet. I love the aesthetics, they're just really hard to put together. It also doesn't help Struzan has a much more painterly touch to his collages so he can blend characters into the background, whereas I enjoy that linework. I tried giving the lines color but it wasn't hitting me as well. The black lines are just too nice and crisp for me. This was also my first foray into what a Ragged Rider logo should look like, and Andrew and I are pretty happy with it, though it will probably go through a couple tweaks before it's finalized. This would be fun to revisit again with updated designs and a better layout.

The sketch cards started out as warm-ups I would do before I started my freelance work over the summer. I used them to explore different techniques and to just have fun drawing before I started work. As with the Promo, I would like to revisit these with updated designs and create a cohesive set. But they're quick fun so that idea isn't too far-fetched. One day there will be an entire Cowboy Mummy character set of sketch cards.

Some personal criticisms: I've since drawn more horses and like them more than how Neighclops appears in these. There's a couple tangents that bug me and I wish I could have balanced the two sides of the promo since the left really outweighs the right. Also, the Indian gets lost in Swamp Bear. The sketch cards are a mix of old and new and characters have updated designs since then but I thought it would be nice to throw them all together. In addition to old designs, it's a mix of styles as I never really planned on a cohesive series.

Here's some preliminary work from this piece:

Also, a bonus: A "commission" piece done in my Comic Book Illustration class. Micron and Copic markers. 12"x14"

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