Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3-Page Story

Pencil. 11"x17" (x3)

My final project for Comic Book Illustration. My teacher, Uko Smith, had written a small outline of the three page story and we had to do layouts, character designs, and then pencil each page.

The subject matter isn't something I was all too invested in which affected my artwork on the project but it was nice to work on three consecutive story pages and the flow through them. This was the first time I really did sequential work without a script and only using stage direction. It gave the project a focus on the storytelling aspect of the art.

Some personal criticisms: There are certainly some jumps in quality and I was having some composition problems at the time. It would have been preferable to spend more time on it, though during finals, time is a luxury.

Here's some preliminary work from this project:

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