Saturday, October 8, 2011

A new post. And it's comics. Neat.

A lot has happened with comics since I last updated. I went over each of the 52 last time and at this point I've read all the #1 issues and some #2's as well. I've also gotten through the first trade of Skullkickers and I'm currently working through Petrograd. I've also finished some series's and picked some new ones up. But let's start with the new 52.

I'm a tad late since some #2's have already come out so I'm going to go through my list of titles that kept me on for #2. It's not that everything else was bad, per se, I just can't pick up 52+ titles each month.

Action Comics: I've said before that I'll pick up anything Grant Morrison does and as someone who isn't that big of a fan of Superman but read just how darn excited Morrison was to be writing Action Comics, I went in with high hopes. He didn't disappoint. I can see keeping with this one for awhile and I like the direcion he's taking early Superman.

Animal Man: Number one of the New 52. Jeff Lemire really won me over with issue one and two didn't disappoint either. Aside from a couple lack of background panels and some weird artwork here and there, it's an altogether solid book. I'm excited to see where Lemire takes Animal Man after this current arc.

Men of War: Aside from the $4 price tag including the backup story I could care less about, issue #1 wasn't too bad. As soon as the superpowers came in I was really interested in the story and where it was going. Hoping for a nice Gotham Central but with army men, it wasn't too far off. Issue #2 on the other hand made me drop it. The title alone isn't worth my $4 and the story itself started to disinterest me with the direction it was going.

Stormwatch: Similarly to Men of War, issue #1 hit me pretty good. I love villains who are very "the only reason you're alive is because I allow it" and it got bonus points for being the moon and including Martian Manhunter. Issue #2, though was boring to me. He threw in these weird shifts in tone which caught me off guard and he didn't really go anywhere with anything. The new characters he introduced hit me wrong and while I might pick up issue #3 (depending on how my other picks hit me) I wish this book was more interesting than it seems to be going. I could definitely see dropping this...resentfully.

Swamp Thing: I really wanted Scott Snyder to win me over with Swamp Thing. Since I was fresh off Alan Moore's run I was all set to read the character again and Snyder's Detective Comics run let me know it was in good hands. People all over seem to love it so it may just be me, but I expected a lot more. Issue #2 was a tad better, and with the rumors it'll it deals with Lemire's Animal Man series, I might keep with it, but Snyder's not doing a good job of making sure that happens on his own.

Batman and Robin: I'm probably going to make a choice between either this or Snyder's Batman, and Snyder has me at the moment but this seems to be working with Morrison's Batman, Inc. which is an interesting story for me. I like the idea of the villain picking off some of the different Batmen and it could be a tight race to win me over for which Bat-book I keep.

Batwoman: I was finally able to give this a read and it was worth it to me. J.H. Williams III's stuff never lets me down and with a co-writer, the story already seems to be starting out stronger than his Detective Comics run. I can definitely see sticking with this one.

Demon Knights: I wasn't feeling this one during the book as much as I wanted but the dragons at the end caught my interest. I can see dropping this title, but it at least deserves a number two. I think my lack of words describes it enough.

Batman: Everyone is loving Detective Comics but I found this to be much more enjoyable. The story seems to be paralleling Nightwing's story and I know there'll be a twist but the fun is the ride, right. As I said up with Batman and Robin, one of them will have to win me over and I have a tad more faith in Snyder, but we'll see.

Dc Universe Presents: This is going to be an arc-by-arc basis just because of the different characters and creative teams that are going to be working on it, but the Deadman arc seems to be starting off rather well. I always love myself a B-List hero book as well as looking at some lesser known creative teams, but this was definitely a fun book.

Wonder Woman: Azzarello hit me exactly as I expected with this book. As someone who hasn't read Wonder Woman and decided to let Azzarello try and win me over with her, he did a great job. The god mythos he's putting into it and Cliff Chiang's artwork are doing a good enough job that I can see myself staying with this series for awhile.

Aquaman: I read some good reviews before I went to pick up my comics so I through this into my pull. I was actually really surprised by how much fun I had. My only problem is I'm not too sure how long Johns can keep making the same points of "no one takes Aquaman serious but look how cool he is." I'll go for #2 but I can see myself dropping it.

Luckily for me I'm able to read some other series's I'm interested in, like Detective Comics and Supergirl off of some friends of mine.

Aside from the new 52, Here's some quick thoughts at my current pull list:

Amazing Spider-Man: I usually like Humberto Ramos but his pencils seem really rushed during Spider Island. The story itself is a fun ride though. Peter and Carlie have had some fun moments together but I still can't get over my hatred of Carlie.

Reed Gunther: With the first arc just finishing at issue 5, I have to say this seems to be looking like a great book. The characters are fun, the art is fun, the story's fun. I'm eagerly awaiting the next arc.

Superior: After the long hiatus between issues 4 and 5, I'm excited to be able to end this in two issues. I'm not sure what it is that I'm not seeing that everyone else is and it might just be that I'm not a fan of Mark Millar, but i don't know. It's just stupid.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man: With this starting and the new Spider-Man appearing, I decided to give this a shot. The first issue ended right before it got really good and the second one wasn't hitting me as well. I can see there's going to be some good storytelling later on but at the moment and with the New 52 I just want more now, I guess.

While I don't want to give anyone a specific day I'll update comics since it obviously doesn't work, I do want to do it each week and it'll just depend on what's going on. I've usually been able to get my stuff read on Thursday so the weekend would be a good time to check on my comic posts.

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