Saturday, October 8, 2011

A new post. And it's artwork. Neat.

Remember I'm an illustrator and not just an avid comic fan? I do. Anyways, here's some artwork. Lots of artwork.

I've been slowly branding myself in one of my classes and creating a personal logo and business card. While there is certainly room for tweaks and whatnot, here's my process and where I'm at.

I love comics and it's what I want to be involved with the industry as a creator and fan until it's physically and/or emotionally impossible for me to. Using this idea I got to work on my logo. The word balloon is such an iconic shape for the comic in general and is immediately where my personal logos head. I also wanted to incorporate how I sign pieces with the makeshift rectangle with "KUMPF" in it.

My business card is most likely to tweak with the corners and what I want to do with them. Either get rid of them completely and create a flat color background (a lighter shade of that teal?), figure out a way to make them work better, or replace them with the makeshift square I seem to do for my logo/signature. The back will depend on the situation at the time of the business card exchange. Some having the Cowboy Mummy sketch on the back as shown here and some having a blank back to do a quick sketch at the time of the exchange.

Then a tear sheet that may or may not be too busy. I've heard both and I've heard to keep it or change it multiple times. It's an easy enough fix to simplify it but at the same time I like the range of artwork I'm able to provide on it.

Next up, what I think was the first project of the year, an editorial graphite piece. Landing on this article about a weird form of gun control, I played around with some concepts of a large policemen intimidating a small child with squirt guns as a real gun problem was happening around him.

While there's still some things I want to tweak with this piece (darken some areas up, maybe change the child's arms to point up, make the figures at the top more silhouetted) it hasn't really changed much from my initial plan. I moved the gun figures both up and down from where they were originally and had placed them in a box outlined by water streams. But I'm enjoying where it ended up and where it seems it'll go after a few tweaks.

My first color project this year was a B-Movie (musical is what I think it said in the directions but who knows) poster. I was given the title "Cult of the Bloodthirsty Fire Creatures" and did some preliminary sketches off of that.

Again with the suggested tweaks, I'm probably going to throw some cooler colors in here to tone down how warm it feels (although it is about "fire creatures"). But other than that and maybe a last minute like text or something if I see it, it's as-is.

Now to move onto where this get really interesting. Comic pages. Lots of them. I'm so excited to finally get some comic pages in my portfolio. I have quick ones from the 24-hour Cowboy Mummy comic, and early ones from our 10-page Cowboy Mummy story, but I'm finally able to explore page layouts and style. These are still in a sketch phase but as the days go by I'll be doing final pencils, inks on some, and maybe even color which I'll upload when I do some scanning when they're done.

First off we have a Page 100 project for a Black and White Illustration class. We had to illustrate page 100 of our favorite book (mine being Jurassic Park. Since I wanted to do a comic page I played with layout and with a suggestion from my teacher, went with a Mark Buckingham approach.

Utilizing these borders I'm going to show the process of reviving a dinosaur as per the book which goes great with the tour of the labs which is happening during page 100. Some of the panels are going to be just text detailing the DNA restructuring process and those are usually indicated by horizontal lines. Here's two of the three full size sketches I did. The third was a two page spread that I don't even know where I'd begin to scan the 22x17 paper. I'm going to be penciling and inking the second one.

Now for my Comic Book Illustration class we have to re-imagine and -draw any single page. After flipping through tons of pages of comics I finally landed on this page from Amazing Spider-Man #655. It would give me a chance to draw some of Spider-man's notable villains and Spider-Man himself. Having a Marvel character in my portfolio is a goal of mine so I can soon cross that off.

Again, I'll be penciling the second one, albeit after changing some camera positions. Shifting the camera to the right in the first panel to get a more "behind the head" view of everyone looking at Spidey and moving the camera up and behind to get a bird's eye view in the second panel. Also, how about Kraven puts on cheetah tights and ballet shoes and then goes out to be villainous.

For my last comic pages we were able to create our own project in my Professional Practice class and I wanted to show a consistency in style as well as get some pages in my portfolio. Here's the plethora of ideas and stories I laid out before I selected and did the full size sketches below. Mark my words, I'm drawing that "Planet Octopus" for real at some point in the future.

I chose to do a Cowboy Mummy page since I want to get more out there with him and is where I hope to end up after graduation, another page Andrew gave me dealing with a thief, and a Batman/Gordon Rooftop scene. I originally wanted to do a Batman/Gordon scene for Comic Book Illustration but couldn't find a good one so I shifted it to this project. It'll be nice to have a DC character, a Marvel character, and personal characters to show in my portfolio. There'll be a few tweaks as shown by some scribbled notes next to some panels, but for the most part, the Batman/Gordon one should go to pencils, the thief should go to inks, and Cowboy Mummy should go to inks and color.

If any of you remember September Superheroes that was a bust. As you can see I greatly underestimated my schoolwork and I just ran out of time. Here's what you missed (and forgive that awful Wolverine...ugh, we all have our bad days, right?):

Wolverine from Marvel Comics

Tom Strong From Tom Strong

The Spectre from DC Comics

Number 001 - Spaceboy from The Umbrella Academy

Green Lantern - Hal Jordan from DC Comics

Also, I'm in talks with some friends to start a sketch blog which should kind of take the place of September Superheroes but give me a greater reasoning to keep at it since I'll be in a group. It's still in just a "Yeah, let's do it!" phase, but I'm hoping to get some ideas about it ironed out soon. Regardless, you'll know when it's happening.

On the other end of that, Andrew and I do those Fusion Comic Fridays (which very well may come into play on Mondays and Wednesdays as well) which we're giving some websites. So head over to your preference to check those out: Tumblr and Blogspot.

Whew, so there's that, and I still missed a page I didn't scan. Next time I'll try to remember to scan my establishing shot project.


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