Friday, September 2, 2011

First of the DC Comics Relaunch

Well, here we are with DC new Universe. As I said before I'm getting back into reviews and those are below, but I thought I'd explain my rating system. I like to use 5 tiered system because it's straightforward. Yes, I get a lot of "4"s but in the end, I enjoy quite a few things. "0" has their own feel to them and kind of ruins the order but "1" and "2" are things I would not recommend. I may or may not recommend a "3" but they are fairly forgettable. "4" and "5" are usually definite recommends and all around good comics.

"0" is so bad it was enjoyable. From a movie standpoint, The Room, Troll 2, Sharktopus, and the movies shown in MST3K are "0"s.

"1" is terrible. This is a comic that I stop halfway through an arc like Cornell's Batman and Robin arc with the lady with the hole in her head. In movies, something that I had to walk out of in the middle during. I've already accepted my loss and moved on.

"2" is bad. I hope it gets better but it just wasn't enjoyable.

"3" is acceptable. It was worth my money but I wish I would have gotten more out of it.

"4" is good. Things end up here a lot. I got my money's worth and it was enjoyable. It wasn't the best thing I've read but it was entertaining.

"5" is the cream of the crop. Moore's Tom Strong and Morrison's Batman and Robin run. Snyder's Detective Comics run and Ba/Moon's Daytripper. These are great comics that I think everyone can enjoy reading.

Justice League #1 (3/5)
This is certainly a comic book. Overall I wasn't impressed but on the other hand I don't really know what I was expecting. And I feel hard pressed to comment on it since I'm not the target market and it might appeal to new readers. From my perspective I know the characters and watching them meet for the "first" time wasn't as interesting as I hoped. The story alluded to some interesting things but most of the issue felt as if nothing really happened that mattered, just Batman and Green Lantern meeting. I'm hoping the rest of the league joins up quicker since it would be way to slow to deal with if they didn't. Geoff Johns really bolted out of the gate with Darkseid as the first villain. One one hand I can see the perks to going big, on the other, they're going to take on Darkseid...and then what? Jim Lee's pencils felt a little cluttered and with all of Green Lantern's constructs filling up every panel the pages never felt like they were able to breathe. It's weird to say this with the first issue of the new universe and the only one of the week but, this is on the top of my list to drop. I can see myself giving it a second issue to try and get it's bearings, but I don't know.

Amazing Spider-Man #668 (4/5)
After reluctantly picking up the first issue of Spider Island and not finding it too bad, the second part hit me much better. Dan Slott goes a tad too far with the fan service in this issue and as someone who enjoys Spider-Man but has very little stock in him it hit me wrong. It set up more interesting things than the last issue and I'm much more in the groove to stick with it now since it seems to be fun, light-hearted Spider-Man story. Which is refreshing.

Rocketeer Adventures #4 (3/5)
This is what it is. It's never really the best thing I pick up but it's never really the worst. I enjoy artist anthology books and looking at different styles and abilities. But the Alex Ross covers are nice and Tony Harris has a story in there as well as Ashley Wood has two pin-ups so some nice things came out of it. It was the last of the mini and I'm glad I don't have to pick it up anymore, but it was fun while it lasted. It probably helps I'm a big Rocketeer fan so the stories hit me a little better than someone who isn't.

Well, next week we dive further into the DC relaunch with Action Comics #1, Animal Man #1, Men of War #1 (?), Stormwatch #1, and Swamp Thing #1. Plus Reed Gunther #4 comes out. I'm really looking forward to Morrison's Action Comics, Lemire's Animal Man, and Snyder's Swamp Thing so I'll let you know about those next week. Also, since I'm updating I might as well include my September Superhero series of comic book sketches I'm doing throughout the month. I may flesh out some more than others and I'm almost sure I'll utilize some of these as experimentation. Don't expect any crazy finished pieces. They're more or less to keep me drawing, get me drawing things I like in the industry I want to go into, work faster, and see how I like to draw and form shapes.

After finishing Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run I was pumped to draw him first. Especially since he's more free form and everything aside from body type and head is all random. As a first one...I'll take it. Hopefully September 30 will show a huge leap in ability but it is what it is. I'm unsure about the idea to take it to color (especially for the first one) and using such a thin line. Live and learn, though. We'll see where I stand in thirty days.

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