Monday, August 22, 2011

I should be back again

With the start of my senior year coming up, I'm hoping to really get this blog off the ground. And since I should have reliable internet in my apartment I want to have a punctual and consistent update schedule. Paired with the fact that I will be doing as much artwork as I can to graduate me in a good position, should turn into a reliable place to see what I'm up to in the world of art school, personal life, and comics.

So here's my plans for this coming year and beyond:

Starting September 1st, with the DC Comics relaunch, I want to do a superhero drawing a day for a month. Whether I upload daily or monthly is under debate and it may just depend on how much I have to say in addition. But if everything goes well, you should get an update at least every week. I'm not going to limit them to ten minutes like my older daily sketches since I want to get a lot out of them. I want to spend the time I can, and while they might not be finished pieces, I want them to show what I can do. They may be black and white, they may be this style or that, it all depends on the days events and what I'm able to do really. All I can say now is I'm excited to start the challenge.

Speaking of the DC Comics relaunch there's quite a few titles I at least want to give a go (which I'll go into later) and then some that I hope are going to be as good as I think they will. So comic reviews should come back.

Finally, more artwork. It's my senior year to start getting me to where I want to go. I have to do the best work I can and since it'll be fore classes I assume I'll have quite a bit to show. In addition to the superhero drawings in the month of September and the work Andrew and I want to put into Cowboy Mummy to present at SDCC '12, this should turn into a decent art blog.

I'm going to cut this short and act as a "teaser" so-to-speak for an update later this week (whenever I think will be a good day to try and make a consistent update on) going into my thoughts on the DC Comics relaunch, my thoughts on the 24th's comics, as well as some recent freelance and personal artwork.

P.S. It'd be super cool if I got back to my apartment and didn't have internet like my landlord said.

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