Thursday, August 25, 2011

The DC Relaunch

With the upcoming DC Comics relaunch starting this coming Wednesday, I thought it'd be a good idea to discuss some of my thoughts on upcoming titles and what I'm thinking of grabbing. So in release order here's what I'm at least mildy interested in picking up. Some of these might be skimmed in the store and ultimately dropped on the spot or even before, depending. I just look at how many titles I could get into and compare that to the money I'd spend. Ugh.

August 31:
Justice League: With Kirsten and Andrew picking this up they ultimately made me decide to grab it. The six page preview wasn't too bad but it just seemed like a book that I wouldn't really care about. I like the idea of setting up the Justice League in the new universe and the events that bring all the characters together but feel like I heard that only the first issue would take place five years before everything starts up. Andrew says he heard it was the entire book and the compromise is the first arc. I haven't been able to look up which of those is true but it's on my list regardless. It's the cornerstone of the DC universe and I guess I'm interested in something like that.

September 7:
Action Comics: Grant Morrison sounds too excited to be working on this book and that ultimately makes me excited to read it. I love what he's been doing on Batman and as someone who doesn't care about Superman, Morrison would be the one to do it. Morrison's All-Star Superman book missed me on my first read through and I want to give it a reread after delving further into his works but haven't had the opportunity. But the solicitations make it sound intriguing and at this point, I'm almost sure to pick up anything Morrison.

Animal Man: Going back to Morrison, I loved his run on this character. I own the trades and recommend them whenever I can. I love what I've read of Lemire and all of the previews I've looked at are definitely piquing my interest. Lemire acknowledges what Morrison did and isn't trying to go there as he turns it into a definitive horror book focusing on the Baker family which is the cornerstone to the Animal Man character. And if there's one thing I've learned from reading Lemire it's that he knows how to write impactful character stories.

Batgirl: I don't expect to keep on this book but Gail Simone might force me to stay. I really just want to see what brings Barbara back as Batgirl and while I can't think of what I've read by Gail Simone, she seems to be one of the top writers at DC. Mirror seems like a cool villain and the solicitations make it sound super interesting so maybe I'll end up staying with it longer than just figuring out how Barbara can walk.

Stormwatch: This title keeps going back and forth in my head. Midnighter's costume redesign might be the worst in the entire universe and I do not know what to think of Paul Cornell. I always think of his Who stories "Human Nature" and "Family of Blood" which I really enjoy but a few seconds later his "Batman and Robin" story after Morrison was God awful. I dropped it after two issues and it was only three issues long. It was nowhere near worth my money. I love Martian Manhunter and he's one of my favorite DC characters so he's another plus for the book and the whole idea of fighting the moon is outrageously cool. Though, as Andrew and I have discussed, Cornell likes to play with these high concept stories but not really execute them in the best way. We'll see.

Swamp Thing: As far as I'm concerned Snyder is in the same camp as Morrison. His Detective Comics run was an absolute blast from beginning to end and I expect the same in the new universe. After having only read the first book of Moore's run on Swamp Thing (and trying to get five of the other six read before the seventh) I enjoy the character and the idea around it. The idea of Alec Holland and the Swamp Thing and who he is just resonated right with me in the first book. As I said before, I'd like to get the books read before I start the relaunch since I can almost guarantee I won't be able to keep track of two Swamp Thing books at the same time and I'd hate to miss out on more of the character for however long.

September 14:
Batman and Robin: Boy, am I going to miss Dick and Damien, and I'm unsure of how interesting the dynamic of Bruce and Damien will be with their similar attitudes but Tomasi should know what he's doing. I guess it all comes down to Tomasi's writing since I wasn't planning on picking it up since Cornell practically ruined it for me after Morrison's run.

Batwoman: Finally I'll be able to get my hands on this book. J.H. Williams III's short Batwoman stint on Detective Comics was something that almost went under my radar when it came out. Luckily I picked it up and the story was enjoyable and, paired with Williams III's incredible pages, well worth my money. I'm hoping by having Blackman as part of the writing credits the story really ramps up and gives me a great read.

Demon Knights: The concept of this book intrigues me, but again, Paul Cornell. I love me some Etrigan and the idea of a Dark Ages DC universe hits me in the right spot. I feel as much as I might say "no," I'm gonna end up picking up issue one. If only for Cornell's blurb: "This is about heroism managing to survive amidst the horrors of the Midieval."

September 21:
Batman: Again with Snyder. After gushing out my love for his Detective Comics run above, there's not much more to say. This will probably be my difinitive Batman book and I'm excited for it. My qualm lies in character designs. That better be a Riddler henchmen on the cover and no The Riddler himself. that question mark mohawk is a tiny shuffle from comparing it to Midnighter's costume.

DC Universe Presents: I love lower tiered heroes, it was a huge reason I stayed with Deadpool Team-Up for so long. I'm hoping DC Universe Presents does exactly what I want it to: Bring some lesser known characters into the spotlight and let them shine. These companies have so many characters that get outshined by the A-list heroes. I want to see who gets shoved into a corner and what they're able to do. The behind-the-scenes so to speak of the DC Universe.

Wonder Woman: I've never cared much for Wonder Woman. It's not that I'm sexist it's just that I've never really seen her do much of anything when I've seen her around. There has to be a draw to her and I'm driven to find out what it is. With Azzarello writing and with what the solicitations are saying, this could be real sweet. I'm unsure how Azzarello's recent comment about how it's a horror book is hitting me, though. It's not that it's a bad idea I'm just unsure how it'll work out with the character. Looking at Azzarello's other works I have no doubt he can write an interesting horror book, but with Wonder Woman? I guess we'll find out.

So there we go. Comic reviews will start next week with Justice League #1, Brilliant (which may or may not come out, who knows), The Stuff of Legend Volume III: The Jester's Tale #2, and Rocketeer Adventures #4. Then, after that, a comic character drawing every day in the month of September. Should be fun.

P.S. I know I said artwork but I hate when these posts get super long. Though you can see them at some of my other links like deviantART and Behance.

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