Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Man, Where Did I Go...

Well, due to the internet situation in my Columbus apartment I haven't really had the ability to update. Hopefully I didn't lose too many of you and if I did you at least came back. I don't even have a huge bunch of things to show. In all honesty I've been doing a lot of things traditionally in my sketchbook and I haven't scanned them in. The good news is they're all Cowboy Mummy stuff and Andrew and I are thinking through that domain more and we seem to have a lot of goodies planned. Here's something I'm planning on touching up and turning into a nice illustration, though (and maybe the cover to issue #1).

Also, a Cowboy Mummy digital sketch card:

On the other hand I've got some freelance gigs and have been working on those/preparing for them to start up. So I can show you those. Illustrations for Fresh Step ads used in William Shandling's portfolio.

No comic reviews until I can make it a regular thing. I hate when websites aren't punctual, even more so when they're run by me and if I just did one comic review today of what I've been picking up and then who knows when until the next I'd just feel dirty. Hopefully by September when DC reboots the universe I'll get some reviews to you. Andrew and I are looking into podcasting so there's always that. If anyone has any tips, let me know and we'll see what we can do.

A quick sketch of Mr. Darcy of Price & Prejudice fame for Kirsten when she was in a bad mood.

Finally, I needed something to do for this blog, something new and fun. While I have been sketching, it's all been traditionally and Cowboy Mummy stuff. That Tintin drawing is the last thing I was really inspired to do. So in the last few days I did some quick digital sketch cards to get warmed up. Probably going to make it a daily thing or at least that's the goal. There a little messy and wonky but like I said, they're quick warm-ups.

Cool, seems I had more to show than I thought (it probably helps that when I first started this post a day or two ago I started doing more warm-up/quick sketches and drawing like it was my job...Oh yeah.) 'Till next time, godspeed!

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