Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wow...Almost A Whole Month

Sorry about the lapse in going-ons. After my last post I got ready to move out of my dorm, get settled back at home, and from then to next week get things ready to move back down to Columbus for my apartment. I do want to get back into comic reviews, but I might push them to the weekend or something so I have more time to read a big week when it comes up. So maybe I'll push it to Saturday or Sunday. We'll see. As for art, I've been able to get some things done which I'll post soon but I want to get this 24hour Cowboy Mummy out of the way first, and that will make this a huge post. Also, I've already registered a Cowboy Mummy domain but there's nothing there yet, I want to talk it over with Andrew to figure out what's going to happen with that. We just wanted a domain. So either follow now or I'll let everyone know when we start moving things there.

So in a rough twenty-three consecutive hour period, here's what Andrew and I were able to come up with for Cowboy Mummy. Aside from the Deathperado name being scribbled in a notebook and the sketched cover, Andrew wrote the story and I drew and we both inked to get everything you see here done in less than 24 hours. We want to print some of these bad boys up so I sketched out a cover that I'm going to ink and color and I'm going to halftone and ink fill the pages. So prepare for that. Anyways, after we finally were able to scan them, we present RAGGED RIDER: THE COWBOY MUMMY - 24 HOUR SPECTACULAR featuring THE DEATHPERADO.

(You know what? It's obnoxious to post 25 pages using the image uploader, here's an imgur gallery link)

Expect some more updates soon regarding sketches and illustrations I've done recently as well as this weeks comic reviews. I should be back on track after this hiccup. Sorry and thanks for staying with me.

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