Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lots 'o Stuff Today

Today, for you, I've got two projects I started. An Ice Cream label of a fictitious flavor for a fictitious company. After pondering the what I was going to do I thought of astronaut ice cream and decided to follow up. I started thinking of either Sol's Ice Cream or Astro's and felt Astro's was just going to work better. Then it was onto flavors, Saturn Swirl was easy, and Plutoberry came to me and then the puns came out with Mercherry. Finally, on my last thumbnail I nailed it with Rocket Chip. I was so proud of my accomplishment.

On to my essay. This is for Graphic Novels as Literature, in which we're currently reading Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud and Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. My prompt: Discuss Watchmen's fairly rigid use of the nine-panel grid. What is the literary effect of this choice? Does it create a certain tone or feeling? Does it affect our perception of the story that's being told? Tie this in to McCloud's Chapter 4 discussion. My essay:

Also, last but not least, a sketchcard for a friend's birthday that's today who enjoys his Spider-Man:

And some friends and I watched The Room last night so my 10 Minute Drawing had to be of Johnny. Oh hai 10 minute drawing:

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